About: Color Thief is a 3rd person puzzle game where you play as a chameleon that manipulates color through touch. Color acts as an energy source in this world - giving color to plants makes them grow, or removing color from water makes it into a solid surface. Use this ability to explore abandoned temples and figure out what happened to the world! Color Thief: Coloring Book is a separate game mode (available as a separate purchase or part of the game) which allows players to play with unlimited color, and then share picture with their friends. Screenshots:
Story: Play as a chameleon that lives in a world completely devoid of color (with the exception of the sky!) One day, something catches your eye and you stumble into an abandoned temple filled with color and clues about the past. As you learn how to use color, you travel the world, piecing together a story of what happened.
Puzzles: Color Thief is primarily a puzzle game, so prepare to be challenged! Although the basic rules of the world are simple, the idea of “color as energy” allows for tons of puzzle opportunities, and every puzzle deals with a different concept. There is no repetition or handholding, and the challenge lies in creative problem-solving as opposed to difficult platforming.
Coloring Book Mode Play with unlimited color in this separate game mode! Choose from 6 different environments (based on temples from the full game), and play with pots that refill after you take their color. When you finish coloring a room, share your work through Facebook, Twitter or a web link. Perfect for kids who want to play without the puzzles, or adults who just want to de-stress. The Coloring Book is now available for purchase at:
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Project Status: Color Thief is still in development, but we plan on finishing the game in late 2017. Color Thief: Coloring Book is now available as a standalone purchase. When Color Thief is available, it will be included as part of the full game. In the meantime, you can follow our development blog, where we post weekly updates, or follow us on Twitter! About the Developer: Trouble Impact, LLC is a two-person game studio located in Austin, TX. It was started in April 2012 by an animator and programmer (both formerly of Activision) who wanted to see what they could learn and make by striking out on their own. We are interested in expanding gaming in new directions by tackling new subject matter and exploring different types of gameplay.
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