About: Color Thief: Coloring Book is a 3D coloring book where you play as a chameleon who can absorb color and transfer it from one place to another. You have access to unlimited color to color a variety of environments. When you're done, use the Photo Mode to take screenshots and share them with friends! Color Thief: Coloring Book also includes a demo of Color Thief, a puzzle game where you use the chameleon's color-manipulating abilities to solve puzzles and explore abandoned temples. Color Thief is currently in development. Go to ColorThiefGame.com for more information. Screenshots
Photo Mode & Sharing Once you've finished coloring a room, use the Photo Mode to take pictures to share with your friends! You can adjust things like the camera angle, light brightness and direction, choose from different poses for the chameleon, and even add photo filters on top of the final image (think Instagram!) You can share single images, or create a gallery which is shareable through a web link, Facebook or Twitter!
Locations The world of Color Thief takes the chameleon on an adventure around the world to explore different temples based on various color-changing animals. In the Coloring Book, you can explore and color sections of these temples - such as the Arctic Fox Temple (based on Inuit architecture), Octopus Temple (Phoenician) and Frog Temple (Australian Aboriginal)!

Coloring Book (PC Only)

3D Coloring Book with 6 levels, Photo Mode and online sharing! Also includes a demo of Color Thief.

About the Developer: Trouble Impact, LLC is a two-person game studio located in Austin, TX. It was started in April 2012 by an animator and programmer (both formerly of Activision) who wanted to see what they could learn and make by striking out on their own. We are interested in expanding gaming in new directions by tackling new subject matter and exploring different types of gameplay. For questions and support, email [email protected]
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